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South Dakota Codified Laws which pertain to county emergency managers include, but are not limited to:

34-48A-39. County emergency management organizations. Each organized county of this state shall establish a local organization and develop an emergency plan for emergency management in accordance with the state emergency management plan and program.

34-48A-40. Director of local organization -- Duties and powers. Each local organization for emergency management shall have a director who shall be appointed by the executive officer or governing body of the county, and who shall have direct responsibility for the development and implementation of emergency and disaster plans, organization, administration and operation of the local organization for emergency management, subject to the direction and control of the executive officer or governing body.

34-48A-45. Mutual aid arrangements of local organizations. The director of a local emergency management organization may develop mutual aid arrangements consistent with state plans and programs. The provisions of such arrangements shall be implemented in the event of emergency or disaster.

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