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Recovering from Disaster

Disaster strikes anytime, anywhere. It takes many forms; a tornado, a flood, a fire, a hazardous materials spill, a winter storm, or an act of terrorism. A disaster can build over days, even weeks, or hit suddenly, with no warning. They are incidents that could pose threat to life, safety, and property beyond the response capabilities of local and state government. Each year, millions of Americans are devastated by the consequences of disasters.

Recovering from a disaster is a gradual process. Safety is a primary issue, as are mental and physical well-being. If assistance is available, knowing how to access it can make the process faster and less stressful.

The National Disaster Recovery Framework is a guide that enables effective recovery support to disaster-impacted states, tribes, territorial, and local jurisdictions. It provides a flexible structure that enables disaster recovery managers to operate in a unified and collaborative manner. It also focuses on how best to restore, redevelop, and revitalize the health, social, economic, natural and environmental fabric of the community and build a more resilient Nation.

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