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   Lucas Project   

South Dakota Office of EMS now has online recertification for EMT's only as well as initial course student registration at the EMT level.                                             

ONLINE EMT RECERTIFICATION -  For EMT's only, use this link to recertify online. You can also update your profile.  (All ALS providers re-license through the SDBMOEPlease Note:  Once you submit your EMT recertification online, you will not be able to log back in until the next recertification cycle period (2 years). If you try to log back into the system after submitting your application and you get an error message, that means that it has been sent to the OEMS for processing.

ONLINE EMT COURSE INITIAL REGISTRATION (This replaces the bubble forms used at course openings) - Typically, bubble forms were used to register students within SDOEMS system during a course opening.  Now, using this link, it can be done online.


Welcome to the South Dakota Emergency Medical Services (EMS) web site.

In South Dakota, there are 123 ground and 5 air ambulance services.  South Dakota recognizes five levels of Emergency Medical Technicians:

  1. EMT
  2. EMT-Intermediate/85
  3. AEMT
  4. EMT-Intermediate/99
  5. Paramedic

National Registry certification is required for entry into the state EMS System, with the option of national or state recertification. 

All Advanced Life Support providers (EMT-I/85, EMT-I/99, AEMT, Paramedic) are required to be licensed through the South Dakota Board of Medical and Osteopathic Examiners