State Fire Marshal

National Fire Academy (NFA) Courses for South Dakota

National Fire Academy Course Offering Information
The South Dakota Fire Marshal Office (SDFMO) works as a team with the United States Fire Administration (USFA), the National Fire Academy (NFA), and our state's fire departments to present NFA Training Courses locally.  These courses are available through the State Fire Service Training Grant and Direct Delivery Programs.



State Fire Service Training Grant
This grant provides funding for the SDFMO to offer National Fire Academy hand-off courses.  The SDFMO completes the State Fire Service Training Grant application process annually. 

Fire departments or districts interested in hosting hand-off courses are encouraged to contact the SDFMO for further information regarding available funding and minimum attendance requirements. Click here to see a list of 43 hand-off courses.


Courses require students pre-register 40 days prior to the class date to allow time for the NFA to order course materials and arrange instructor travel.

To pre-register for courses:
Please consult the course announcement for contact information, call the SDFMO at 605.773.3562, or email.

Minimum number of students:
A minimum of 15 students must pre-register for the courses to be conducted.