Impaired Driving Information

Reducing alcohol related crash fatalities and injuries is a priority for the Office of Highway Safety. Over the past several years significant progress has been made.

In 2008, South Dakota had the lowest number of alcohol related crash fatalities for any one-year period since the 1970's. The highest number of deaths from alcohol related crashes was 138 in 1973. More recently, the number of alcohol related fatalities was reduced by 29% from 62 fatalities in 2007 to 48 in 2008.

The Office of Highway Safety provides public education and support for law enforcement agencies to combat impaired driving. Law enforcement is constantly watching for impaired drivers as they patrol the roads. Additionally, many law enforcement departments conduct compliance checks on retailers selling alcohol. Underage alcohol use is addressed through programs that involve youth in school and community alcohol prevention activities. The Judicial system is using innovative solutions such as the "24/7" program, 1st Offender DUI classes, and DUI Court to battle impaired driving.

Contact the Office of Highway Safety for public education materials or for information about local programs in your area.

Underage Drinking