About Us

Mission Statement
The Office of Highway Safety administers the Federal Highway Safety Grant Program in South Dakota, enabling local/state agencies and non-profit organizations to develop and implement traffic safety programs designed to reduce the number of traffic crashes, injuries and fatalities occurring on South Dakota roadways. The purpose of the highway safety effort is to minimize, as much as realistically possible, the economic and human loss that results from traffic crashes.



The South Dakota Office of Highway Safety provides technical and financial assistance to state and local government agencies and non-profit organizations to implement programs aimed at reducing the human and economic loss resulting from traffic crashes.

We receive approximately $1 million annually from the United States Department of Transportation's National Highway Traffic Safety Administration to provide funding support to state and local agencies and other organizations to promote traffic safety on South Dakota's roadways. Additionally, a $7 annual fee on motorcycle registrations is used to fund a statewide motorcycle rider education program through the South Dakota Safety Council.

Our efforts are focused on increasing the use of safety belts and child restraints by South Dakotans; reducing the incidence of drinking and driving; improving the safety of our roadways; and improving the trauma system in the state to ensure those who are injured in traffic crashes receive quick response and high quality treatment of their injuries.


South Dakota will work to improve highway safety by focusing on the following identified areas and key objectives.

Alcohol and Drugs
Discourage this as socially acceptable behavior and create community coalitions. Identify and target high risk populations and enhance media campaigns.

Increase high visibility enforcement efforts, coordinate a strategic enforcement plan statewide and continue media support for enhanced public awareness.

Occupant Protection
Enhance public awareness of child safety restraints, promote local inspection clinics and increase seat belt compliance. Gain public support for primary booster seat and seatbelt laws.

Emergency Response Services
Develop and promote an Emergency Response Safety program specific to the needs of South Dakota, encourage public awareness, maintain local emergency training and improve emergency response capabilities.

Safe Communities
Enhance community participation and strengthen coalitions with law enforcement agencies.

Motorcycle Safety
Promote motorcycle training courses, provide public education, enhance motorcycle hazard awareness projects and coordinate motorcycle hazard awareness in engineering practices.

Data and Technology
Evaluate data systems, develop a statewide data collection system to track trends and high-risk behavior more strategically, and develop a data site accessible by the public.

Identify and evaluate potential hazards and maintain safety standards on the road.

Provide sustained media to support roadway safety strategies.

Driver Education
Develop and promote safe driver training programs for all age groups and promote safe driving practices.

Commercial Motor Vehicles
Increase education and enforcement of large truck safety restraint use.