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South Dakota Office of Homeland Security Mission

The mission of the South Dakota Office of Homeland Security is to develop all-hazards plans and capabilities with the collaboration of local, county, state, Tribal, and private stakeholders to prevent, protect, respond to, and recover the State of South Dakota from disasters.

The South Dakota Office of Homeland Security is a part of the South Dakota Department of Public Safety and is supported by the Homeland Security Senior Advisory Committee.  This committee includes representatives from the Animal Industry Board, Attorney Generalâ??s Office, Chiefs of Police Association, Department of Environment and Natural Resources, Governorâ??s Office of Tribal Relations, Bureau of Information Technology, Homeland Security Regional Managers and Coordinators, Native American Tribes, Regional Response Teams, SD Department of Agriculture, SD Department of Health, SD Department of the Military, SD Department of Public Safety (Secretariat, Fire Marshallâ??s Office,  Emergency Management, Emergency Medical Services, Highway Patrol, Homeland Security), SD Fusion Center, SD National Guard, Sheriffs Association, State Radio Communications and the US Department of Homeland Security. Cooperation between the citizens, local, tribal, state and federal levels of governments as well as private and nonprofit sectors is vital to the successful implementation of the strategic plan.

South Dakota has 66 counties and nine tribal jurisdictions (Standing Rock, Cheyenne River, Sisseton Wahpeton, Pine Ridge, Rosebud, Lower  Brule, Crow Creek, Flandreau Santee, and Yankton).  The South Dakota Office of Homeland Security (SDOHS) was established in 2003 to address terrorism related threats in South Dakota.  SDOHS works closely with the South Dakota Office of Emergency Management, whose primary focus is to prepare and respond to natural disasters.

Since its creation in 2003, SDOHS has broadened scope, in coordination with a change in national homeland security strategy, to focus on a more inclusive, all-hazards approach to homeland security.  SDOHS has also expanded collaboration with key stakeholders in the state at all levels of government and in the private sector.  In order to achieve its mission the Office of Homeland Security has assisted counties in assessing and improving capabilities; coordinated and funded training and exercise opportunities; developed and hosted an annual South Dakota Homeland Security conference; assisted in the development and coordination of the Emergency Response Teams and Special Weapons and Tactics teams; coordinated a statewide risk assessment and prepared the annual State Preparedness Report.  Revising the Office of Homeland Security Strategic Plan is yet another step in using a research-based approach to enhancing the security and preparation of the state.