Homeland Security

Fusion Center

The principal role of the South Dakota Fusion Center (SDFC) is to compile, analyze, and disseminate criminal intelligence to support the prevention and investigation of criminal activity to include terrorist events. The primary goals of the SDFC are to identify emerging threats while enhancing the capability of safety partners by receiving, gathering, analyzing, and disseminating criminal intelligence and public safety data in a timely and actionable manner.

In state fiscal year 2015, the SDFC disseminated approximately 744 pieces of information to city, county, state and federal personnel and responded to 1,492 requests for information from city, county, state and federal agencies.

The SDFC received a part-time liaison coordinator in 2015 to assist with information and intelligence collection from non-law enforcement public safety personnel. This addition led to immediate engagement with fire, EMS, health, and other vital public safety sectors in South Dakota. A full-time law enforcement liaison coordinator was also added to the SDFC in 2015 to work with law enforcement agencies statewide. The SDFC has begun to plan for and build a more robust fusion liaison program.

The South Dakota Bureau of Information and Telecommunications assigned a full-time representative to the SDFC in state fiscal year 2015 to assist with cyber intelligence collection. During 2015, a US Department of Homeland Security intelligence officer assign to the SDFC published 10 intelligence reports containing a cyber nexus. The SDFC shared these reports with the U.S. intelligence community for further analysis.  Each report received one or more favorable evaluations from intelligence community analysts.

To learn more about the national Fusion Center system, see State and Major Area Urban Fusion Centers.

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