Homeland Security

Homeland Security Grants

The South Dakota Office of Homeland Security provides grant funding support through an application and award process to state agencies, law enforcement, counties, cities, tribes, schools, and other agencies to protect and recover from acts of terrorism and other catastrophic events.  Homeland Security projects supported through this office focus on building protection capabilities across the state, expanding regional collaboration, strengthening interoperable communications, and improving capabilities to detect and respond to hazardous materials and other disasters. Homeland Security programming follows the framework of the National Preparedness Goal.

National Preparedness Goal

Regional Coordinator Contact List September 2015

Debarment Search Report Procedures

Request for Sole Source Purchase

Equipment Data Form Instructions and Sample Forms

Equipment Tracking Form (Excel Format)

Travel Detail Worksheet (Excel Format)

Equipment Transfer Form

Equipment Disposal Request Form

Authorized Equipment List

Environmental and Historic Preservation Form Template

Environmental and Historic Preservation Form - Guidance on Photos

Special Equipment Request - Fillable Form

Homeland Security Senior Advisory Committee Charter

2015 Homeland Security Grant Program

EDGAR (Electronic Database for Grant Application & Reporting): sddps.intelligrants.com

EDGAR Instructions for 2015 Homeland Security Grant Applications

Application Instructions

Terms and Conditions

2014 Homeland Security Grant Program

2014 Grant - Homeland Security Grant Administrative Manual September 2014

2014 Grant - Payment Request Form Revised October 2014

2014 Grant - Reimbursement Terms and Conditions