Driver Licensing

Documents Required to Obtain a Driver License

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Two original documents are required for proof of identity (no photo copies). First time applicants must present at least one document from the “Primary Identifying Documents” list.
Primary Identifying Documents:

  1. Photo Driver License or Identification card issued by a U.S. state, or Canadian province or territory (anyone presenting a Canadian driver license or identification card must also provide documents issued by U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services authorizing the applicant’s presence in the United States);
  2. U.S. certified Birth Certificate;
  3. Tribal Identification Card approved by the Department of Public Safety;
  4. Passport with accompanied Visa or 1-94 document if required;
  5. U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services documents:
    a)  Certificate of Naturalization;
    b)  Certificate of Citizenship;
    c)  U.S. Citizen Identification Card;
    d)  Resident Alien Card;
    e)  Record of Arrival and Departure in a valid foreign passport;
    f)   Record of Arrival and Departure with attached photo stamped "Temporary Proof of Lawful Permanent Resident";
    g)  Record of Arrival and Departure in a Certificate of Identity;
    h)  Employment Authorization Card;
    i)   Record of Arrival and Departure stamped "Refugee", "Parolee", or "Asylee"; or
    j)   Record of Arrival and Departure coded Section 207, 208, 209, 212d(5), HP, or PIP.

Secondary Identifying Documents:

  1. All primary documents;
  2. Social Security Card;
  3. Bureau of Indian Affairs Card/Indian Treaty Card/Birth Certificate;
  4. Foreign Birth Certificate;
  5. Health Insurance Card;
  6. IRS/State Tax Forms;
  7. Marriage Certificate/License;
  8. Military Discharge/Separation papers;
  9. City, Federal, or State gun permit;
  10. Pilot's license;
  11. School Records/transcripts;
  12. Student ID Card;
  13. Canada's Social Insurance Card;
  14. Certified court order containing individual's full name and date of birth;
  15. Vehicle Title/Registration;
  16. Welfare Card;
  17. Prison Release Document;
  18. Military ID - dependent, retiree, reserve or national guard, or active; or
  19. Military dependent and transition ID’s.