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SR-22 Information

It's the law.

If you have been convicted of a violation (DWI, No Insurance, Failure to Pay a Judgment, Vehicular Homicide or 2 (two) Reckless Driving in a year) you are required to prove to the state, for three years from the date you are eligible to re-apply for your license, that all vehicles (car, pickup, van, motorcycle, etc.) you own are insured. If you do not own any vehicles, you must purchase a non-owner or operator policy. (SDCL 32-35-43)

The form the insurance companies use to show proof of insurance is called an SR-22 filing. This is the only form of proof which can be accepted.

Click on the link to view a list of insurance companies that are licensed to do business in South Dakota.

It is your responsibility to notify your insurance company, as soon as possible, that you need an SR-22 filing. If you change vehicles OR insurance companies at any time during the three years, you must ask them to re-file your SR-22 filing.

Your insurance coverage and the SR-22 filing must be maintained continuously for three years from the date you are eligible to re-apply for your license, whether or not you own a motor vehicle.

If you are holding a Class 2 (car/truck/motorcycle), A3, B3, or C3 driver license, you must maintain insurance coverage and an SR-22 filing for both types of vehicles, even if you do not own both. If you do not wish to retain an SR-22 filing for both vehicles, your driver license must be changed prior to cancellation of the SR-22 filing to avoid re-suspension of your driving privileges.

Once your SR-22 filing is received by the state, you will be eligible to apply for a new license at the driver exam station.

When you get to the exam station, you will have to apply for a new license, pass all the required tests, and pay a reinstatement fee, plus all application fees.

If at any time during the three year period, your insurance company notifies the state they have canceled all of your filings, or all filings on any one type of vehicle you are licensed to drive, you will immediately be re-suspended and again be required to pay the a reinstatement fee.

If you have questions about what an SR-22 filing is or what you need to do to get one, talk to your insurance agent. If you need more answers about how to get your license back, contact us using the information shown below.

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