Driver Licensing

Tribal Identification Cards

HB 1242, passed during the 2011 legislative session, authorizes the use of tribal identification cards for certain identification purposes in South Dakota.  Starting July 1, 2011, a tribal identification card will be considered a valid form of identification for the following purposes:

  • All purposes relating to banks or financial institutions for which a South Dakota nondriver identification card or a South Dakota driver license may be used;

  • Cashing checks wherever checks may be cashed; and

  • Proof of age for purchases of tobacco products.

Additionally, HB 1242 adds “tribal identification card information” to the types of identifying information that is subject to identity theft and related state criminal laws.

Although the authorized uses of tribal identification cards have been expanded though the passage of HB 1242, it is important to note that tribal identification cards cannot be used for purposes of acquiring a new or renewal South Dakota nondriver identification card or South Dakota driver license, as Federal law does not consider a tribal identification card as an acceptable document to establish identity for purposes of the Real ID Act of 2005.