State Inspection Program

State Inspection Program

The Inspection Program provides field inspection services for a variety of state agencies and departments including Health, Lottery, Fire Marshal, Agriculture, Education, Social Services and Weights and Measures.

Inspectors verify safety and compliance in a variety of areas, including food, lodging, lottery, school fire and life safety, farm and ranch, school lunch, daycare, fuel pumps and meters, scales and bulk LP (liquid petroleum). An inspection may take 15 minutes to 3 and one-half hours to complete, depending on the type of inspection being done.

The program uses two Zeltex octane-testing devices, which allow inspectors to conduct field tests to determine the octane levels in retail gasoline samples. In 2014, the program:

  • Completed 40,355 inspections by an average of 25 inspectors.
  • Spent 28,248 hours on inspection duties plus 56,632 hours of travel time to reach every corner of the state with inspection services.


Mission Statement
To provide a pool of trained personnel staged regionally to efficiently meet the designated inspection needs of supported agencies including Agriculture, Education, Fire Marshal, Health, Social Services, Video Lottery, and Weights and Measures.