Weights & Measures

SD Registered Service Agencies

South Dakota Codified Law (SDCL) 37-21A requires that any firms or individuals, who for payment, install, service, repair or recondition weighing or measuring devices register with the Department of Public Safety.

How to Register

Registration is required annually.  Below you'll find a link to the form, which can be completed electronically, printed, then mailed along with your payment to the address provided on the form:


When the form is signed and notarized, the applicant certifies the individual or agency is fully qualified to install, service, repair, or recondition those devices for which registration is sought. It also certifies the agency or agent:

  • Has full knowledge of all appropriate weights and measures laws, rules and regulations (see links to codified laws and administrative rules); and
  • Has access to all appropriate testing equipment and standards.

If requested, the applicant must be able to provide appropriate evidence or references attesting to qualifications.

When the application for registration is submitted, the service agency must submit proof that all equipment or standards to be used in the performance of the service or testing functions have been calibrated either by the South Dakota Metrology Laboratory or other certified laboratory. Equipment or standards without proof of calibration within one year of application will not be accepted for service unless specifically authorized by the director of Weights and Measures.

A certificate of registration may be suspended or revoked by the Office of Weights and Measures if a service agency or agent is in violation of appropriate statutes or rules (see links to codified laws and administrative rules).

Upon receipt and acceptance of the application, a certificate of registration with an assigned number will be issued and is valid from January 1 through December 31 for a given calendar year. Properly registered service agents may:

  • Remove official rejection or condemnation tags;
  • Place in service new or used weighing or measuring devices or devices that have been rejected, condemned or are otherwise in need of repair pending an official inspection by a Weights and Measures Inspector.

Placed in Service Reports

Upon request from the Weights and Measures Office, registered service agencies will be provided with a supply of "placed in service reports," which are to be filled out in triplicate and will include the assigned registration number and will be signed by a registered serviceman. Below is a link to a .pdf version of the Placed in Service Report:


The placed in service report, along with any official rejection or condemnation tags removed from the device, should be mailed to the Office of Weights and Measures with copies provided to the owner or operator of the device and maintained by the registered serviceman or agency.

List of Registered Service Agencies

The Office of Weights and Measures maintains a list of registered service agencies.  Click here to access the list.