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Agency Name Phone Email
Highway Patrol
Sergeant Tyler Boltjes
Northern Plains Squad
(605) 394-2286
Highway Patrol
Captain John Broers
District Four Commander
(605) 773-4578
Highway Patrol
Lieutenant Kevin Burke
Assistant District Three Commander - Field Operations
(605) 394-2286
Highway Patrol
Sergeant Joel Carda
Aberdeen Squad
(605) 626-2286
Highway Patrol
Lieutenant Casey Collins
Division Management Services Officer
(605) 773-3105
Highway Patrol
Lieutenant Doug Coughlin
Assistant District One Commander - Field Operations
(605) 626-2286
Highway Patrol
Lieutenant Jeff DeVaney
Assistant District Two Commander - Field Operations
(605) 367-5700
State Inspections
Rhonda Drewes
Inspector (Sioux Falls Area)
Driver Licensing
DPS Driver Licensing
(605) 773-6883 Email
Highway Patrol
Lieutenant Randi Erickson
Training and Professional Standards Division
(605) 773-2231

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