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Generate A Crash Analysis


*Data is current through 09/19/2023. The results of these queries are dependent on current records in the database. A maximum of 9 years can be displayed at a time. Crashes in officer reports with no location or non-specific information will appear in the center of the area searched. If a more detailed study is necessary, please contact the Office of Accident Records at (605) 773-3868.

South Dakota Crash Analysis Tool

Analysis for Pennington (County), South Dakota

January 1, 2020 - October 31, 2020

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Number of drivers killed, injured, or unharmed.

    Time of Crash

    Instances of crashes each hour or per daypart.

    # of Crashes

    Time of Day

      Contributing Circumstances

      Unsafe behavior or negligence contributing to crashes.

      # of Drivers

      Note: The investigating officer may assign from zero to two contributing circumstances to each driver, therefore, the number of drivers in motor vehicle crashes does not equal the number of contributing circumstances.
      DISTRACTED: includes cell phones, distracted driving and other electronic devices.
      OTHER: includes drugs-medication, drugs-other, failed to yield to pedestrian, illegally in roadway, illness, improper lane change, improper parking, improper signal or failure to signal, improper start from parked position, physical impairment and other driver contributing factors.
      NOT STATED: includes first harmful event of animal hit for propety damage only crashes

      Seatbelt & Safety

      Percentage of crashes where safety belts, restraints or helmets were used.

          Manner of Collision & First Harmful Event

          Type of crash and the vehicle, person, animal or object first impacted.

          # of Crashes

          Manner of Collision

            Type of Road / System Type

            Road surface and type where crashes occurred.

            # of Crashes

            Surface Conditions

            Road factors such as gravel, oil, snow or ice that may be contributing factors.

            # of Crashes


            Age of drivers involved in crashes.


              Gender of drivers involved in crashes.

              License / No License

              License status of drivers involved in crashes.

              In State / Out of State

              South Dakota residency of drivers involved in crashes.