Public Assistance for Disaster Recovery

Public assistance includes supplemental financial resources to state, local governments and certain non-profit organizations for response and recovery activities required as a result of a disaster. Assistance can aid in the management of any natural disaster, which includes floods, tornadoes, winter storms, wildfires and many others.

If the county managing a disaster event determines it to be beyond its capability to manage, the county commission can request help from the state of South Dakota. The state will assist as needed and then work with local officials to assess damages and determine whether to request a Presidential Disaster Declaration.

Once a Presidential disaster is declared, the South Dakota Public Assistance Program is initiated. The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) grants funds to the state of South Dakota to help rebuild damaged or destroyed publicly owned and certain private non-profit infrastructure and facilities to pre-disaster condition.


Qualifying for Public Assistance

To qualify for federal assistance, the state must document more than $1.631 million for FFY 2024 (dollar amount adjusted annually according to the Consumer Price Index) of damage to public infrastructure statewide, and the county must meet the current FEMA per capita dollar amount of damage.


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