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The Highway Patrol is continuously seeking applicants.  Learn more about this opportunity!

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The South Dakota Highway Patrol is currently hiring!  Read below to learn more about a future career with the South Dakota Highway Patrol and apply today!

Non-Certified Applicants

Applicants who aren’t law enforcement certified must pass a written test, physical fitness test and two oral interviews. A background investigating will also be conducted. Review physical requirements and qualifications.


Certified Applicants

The South Dakota Highway Patrol often offers a $5,000 hiring incentive to current certified law enforcement officers from in and out of state or to those who are reciprocity eligible, pass the reciprocity exam and skills testing, and are selected for employment with SDHP. For additional information, contact us or call contact (605) 773-2231.


Applicants that are certified law enforcement in other states or through the Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA) do not have to take the written exam. You will need to provide some sort of documentation that you are currently certified. Applicants will need to meet physical requirements and qualifications.


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