Revoked or Suspended Licenses

What is a Revoked Driver’s License?

The loss of a driver’s license and/or privilege to drive or apply for a license. Following revocation, all applicable tests will be required in addition to the application fee and a reinstatement fee in order to reinstate the driver’s license.

What is a Suspended Driver’s License?

The temporary loss of a driver license and/or privilege to drive or apply for a license.  Following suspension, no testing will be required to reinstate the license unless the license has expired. Application fees and the reinstatement fee will be required.

What is the Status of My South Dakota Driver's License?

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Eligible Offenses

To keep your driver’s license, you must drive safely at all times. This is not an exhaustive list, but your license may be cancelled, disqualified, revoked, or suspended due to:

  • Drug conviction in a vehicle
  • A conviction for driving while under the influence
  • Alcohol conviction in a vehicle by a minor
  • Refusing to be tested for alcohol or drugs if you are asked to do so by a police officer
  • Driving after a court order not to drive
  • Driving while license is suspended, canceled, revoked or disqualified
  • Giving false information when you apply for a driver's license or non-driver ID card
  • Failing to settle a financial judgment made against you for damages resulting from a motor vehicle accident
  • Attempting to change information on your driver license or using someone else’s license
  • Failing to appear for a re-examination when requested to do so
  • Using a motor vehicle to commit a felony or causing the death of someone in a vehicle accident
  • Having too many points on your driving record as dictated by the current point system
  • Failure to maintain proof of auto insurance
  • Any conviction for a traffic violation committed prior to age 16
  • Failure to pay a fine resulting from a traffic violation
  • Any convictions for violating the restrictions of the license of a driver under 18
  • Vandalism in a motor vehicle
  • Sale/distribution of alcohol to a minor under 21
  • Possession of alcohol by a minor under 21
  • Eluding law enforcement
  • Unpaid child support
  • Unpaid debt owed to the State of South Dakota


Suspended Permits or Licenses for Minors

If an individual under 18 years old is driving on an instruction or restricted minor's permit and is convicted of a traffic violation or a violation of the restricted hours, the permit or driving privilege will be suspended for 30 days. 

If the minor commits a second violation or is convicted of a felony or Class 1 misdemeanor, the permit or driving privilege will be suspended until the minor's 18th birthday or 180 days, whichever is shorter.


Reinstatement Process

A person whose license has been revoked or suspended is required by law to pay a license reinstatement fee in addition to the application fee when they are eligible to apply for a license. Vision, knowledge and drive tests will be required following a revocation.


Insurance & Financial Responsibility

Any operator who has had his license revoked or suspended following a judgment, a conviction for no insurance, vehicular homicide, DUI or second offense reckless driving in a one-year period must establish proof of financial responsibility for the future before he may drive or re-register any vehicle in this state. Most motorists provide proof of financial responsibility for the future by obtaining a SR22 insurance filing from their automobile insurance company.

A conviction for failure to maintain proof of financial responsibility is a Class 2 Misdemeanor (30 days imprisonment in a county jail, or $100 fine or both), driver license suspension for a period of not less than 30 days or more than one year, and filing proof of insurance (SR-22) with the state of South Dakota for three years from date of conviction. Failure to file proof of financial responsibility will result in suspension of vehicle registration, license plates, and driver’s license.


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