Aging Drivers

As we age, driving can become more difficult or become something we simply no longer want to do. If you no longer wish to drive, you can obtain a non-driver identification card through the Driver Licensing Program.

To surrender your license, visit a South Dakota licensing location and complete the voluntary surrender form. To apply for the identification card, make sure you have your required documents and complete an application form (in English or in Spanish).  Electronic, digital, or stamped signatures are not allowed on the application form.

For questions, email us or call (605) 773-6883.

Should I be driving?

If you don’t know if you should still be driving or not, review the following checklist:

  • Do you get lost while driving?
  • Are family and friends worried about your driving?
  • Do other drivers seem too fast, appear out of nowhere or honk at you?
  • Have you had more “near misses” or been stopped by police lately?
  • Do busy intersections, left-hand turns or parking make you nervous?

If any of these factors apply to you, your safety may be at risk when you drive. If you’d like a driving assessment, or if your license is cancelled due to a re-evaluation of your driving skills, you may contact one of these organizations:

In Sioux Falls:

Sanford Outpatient Rehabilitation and Therapy Services
(605) 328-1860


In Rapid City:

Rapid City Regional, Rehabilitation Institute
(605) 755-1311


In Aberdeen:

Avera St. Luke Hospital
(605) 622-5681


Aging Driver Safety Courses

To drive more safely, you can take an educational course to learn valuable skills and review the rules of the road. These classes last a few hours and are usually low cost or free. You might even receive an auto insurance discount for taking one.


AARP Driver Safety



AAA RoadWise for Seniors



South Dakota Safety Council Defensive Driving Courses

(605) 361-7785


Caretaker Resources

If you’re worried about your loved one’s driving abilities, you can help them stay safe  by completing a driver evaluation request and following a few tips:

Talk to them.

Mention that you’re concerned about your loved one’s safety, but don’t bring up concerns in a car. Explain why you’re concerned with specific reasons and examples. Continue to be a good listener, even if he or she gets defensive. Suggest a driving re-evaluation, and make sure to bring it up often.


Encourage a visit to the doctor.

The doctor can check your loved one’s medical history, medications and current health to see if any of these may be affecting his or her ability to drive safely.


Help make other transportation plans.

Making a transportation plan may help your loved one rely less on driving and more on family members, friends or public transportation for rides. Make a list of people who are willing to give rides, along with their phone numbers. Include other numbers such as a taxi company or volunteer drivers. If you need help finding other resources, contact the Department of Human Services Dakota at Home program by calling 1-833-663-9673.


Help line up deliveries or other at-home options.

Arrange for medication and groceries to be delivered, and help your loved one discover online ordering or catalogs to shop from home. Many services, such as hairdressers or barbers, may also make home visits. Your loved one may also be eligible for Meals on Wheels, a great program for hot meal delivery at a low cost.


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