Victims’ Rights

You are entitled to protection by all of the provisions of the 1991 South Dakota Victims’ Rights Act and to be notified of your rights by the prosecutor. 

Know your rights to:

  • Protection from the accused offender.
  • Have court proceedings explained.
  • Be notified of and present at all public proceedings, unless otherwise ordered by the judge.
  • Provide written input on sentencing, bail or bond hearings and parole hearings.
  • Restitution from the offender unless reasons are stated for denying restitution.
  • Be notified of the offender’s release from custody.
  • Request testing for certain infectious diseases.

For more information about the Crime Victims’ Bill of Rights contact:

Office of the Attorney General
1302 East Highway 14, Suite 1
Pierre, SD 57501

or visit their Marcy's Law webpage.