South Dakota Law Enforcement Telecommunications System (SD LETS)

Fast, reliable communication is crucial to safety. The South Dakota Law Enforcement Telecommunications System (SD LETS) is a public safety communications network for law enforcement, courts, public safety agencies and criminal justice professionals across South Dakota.

These organizations use SD LETS to send and receive information, transmit data and share communications across the state regarding important public safety matters.

SD LETS also verifies South Dakota’s warrants, sex offender files, protection order files, and probation and parole files. It’s our goal to provide professional, around-the-clock information that save lives, prevent injury and protect property.

SD LETS interfaces with the National Law Enforcement Telecommunications System (NLETS) to provide communications between federal, state and government agencies.

We strive to keep our state safe with fast, efficient communication, unrivaled reliability and the ability to act quickly in the face of emergencies and public safety threats.

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