Wildland Fire has 10 separate but interdependent program functions that address fire management and suppression. Each program function represents a specific management need but is dependent and impacted by the other program functions.  None of the program functions can stand-alone and still meet their responsibilities as defined by state law.

The 10 functional program areas are:

  1. Fire Suppression
  2. Prescribed Fire
  3. Wildland Fire Training
  4. Fire Aviation Support
  5. Fire Management
  6. Hazardous Fuels Mitigation
  7. Volunteer Fire Assistance Grants
  8. Federal Excess Personal Property (FEPP) and Firefighter Property (FFP)
  9. Dispatch
  10. Fire Prevention

Each program area supports the functions of the others.  Changes in any one area directly impacts all areas.

Mission statement

The mission of the South Dakota Wildland Fire Division is to provide protection for resources and the public that we serve from wildland fire.


Through effort and actions, we will be leaders in fire to enhance public safety by increasing the management capabilities of the South Dakota Wildland Fire Division within the State of South Dakota.

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