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South Dakota Weights AND Measures

South Dakota's gross domestic product is $23 billion annually, with more than 50% of these sales impacted by weights and measures laws. Both buyers and sellers rely on accurate measurements to do business, whether that’s at the grocery store weighing produce, the gas station filling up, or using the heavy scale at the elevator.

The South Dakota Office of Weights and Measures verifies that these commercial measuring and weighing devices are accurate and true. The program also promotes uniformity in laws, regulations and standards to achieve a balance between buyers and sellers in the marketplace.

  • Industries impacted by weights and measures inspections include:
  • Retail food and other sales (scales in grocery stores, delis, etc.)
  • Petroleum (gasoline and diesel pump meters, liquefied petroleum gas and refined fuel meters)
  • Transportation and agriculture (scales at grain elevators, livestock barns, truck scales and farm scales)
  • Healthcare (clinics and community health offices)
  • Chemical

In addition, we investigate consumer complaints related to packaging and labeling, petroleum quality and scanning devices. The fuel & LP program uses two Zeltex octane-testing devices, which allow inspectors to conduct field tests to determine fuel quality and octane levels in retail gasoline samples. South Dakota maintains a registry of service agents who are responsible for the installation, repair and maintenance of weighing and measuring devices in the state. We also operate the South Dakota Metrology Laboratory in Sturgis, which maintains reference standards provided by the federal government and provides tolerance testing of measuring devices.

The program works in conjunction with the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) and is a member of the National Conference on Weights and Measures.


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