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Agency Name Phone Email
Highway Patrol
Sergeant Micheal Peterson
Mitchell Squad
(605) 367-5700
Victims' Services
Laura Quasney
Victims' Services Program Specialist
(605) 773-6317
Homeland Security
Scott Rechtenbaugh
Director - Homeland Security
(605) 773-3450
Driver Licensing
Highway Patrol
Highway Safety
Fire Marshal
Homeland Security
Emergency Management
State 9-1-1 Coordination
State Inspections
Weights & Measures
Accident Records
Victims' Services
Brad Reiners
Director of Communications
State Inspections
Jeremy Rieger
Inspector (Summerset Area)
(605) 209-1658
State Inspections
Terra Robbins
Inspector (Sturgis Area)
(605) 206-1352
State Inspections
Clint Rux
Inspector (Aberdeen Area)
(605) 201-1031
State Inspections
Ann Marie Sailer
Inspector (Rapid City Area)
(605) 220-6659
Highway Patrol
Sergeant Steve Schade
Training and Standards Sergeant
(605) 773-2231
State Inspections
Chuck Schmidt
Inspector (Brookings Area)
(605) 690-4449

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