Motorcycle Safety

South Dakota is a must-visit destination for motorcycle enthusiasts, as well as home to a large and growing number of motorcycle riders.

In our state, motorcycles make up approximately 7.6% of the motor vehicles registered yet represent an average of 17.5% of total fatalities.

Every year during August, South Dakota hosts one of the world’s largest motorcycle events – the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally. Most motorcycle fatalities occur in a four-county area in western South Dakota (the Black Hills area), and 70% of total motorcycle fatalities occurred during the months of July, August and September.

The Office of Highway Safety is dedicated to educating and saving the lives of riders, whether they’re from South Dakota or visiting our great state. To provide information on safety, state laws, rider education and an interactive riding map, we created

Riders have the opportunity to use the interactive riding map, and view bike-cam footage showing riding routes. This results in more educated out-of-state riders, conscientious in-state riders, and a safer summer for all.


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Motorcycle Safety Facts

  • Helmets are about 67% effective in preventing brain injury and 37% effective in preventing motorcycle deaths.
  • South Dakota has more motorcycle riders per capita than any other state.
  • 70% of the people involved in fatal motorcycle accidents in South Dakota are from other states.


Motorcycle Licenses & Safety Classes

South Dakota Driver Licensing program provides a motorcycle manual in English and Spanish and instructions for getting your motorcycle permit and license.

Motorcycle safety training is funded by the Office of Highway Safety and conducted through a contract with the  South Dakota Safety Council. Both Beginning and Experienced Rider training courses are available. These courses not only provide motorcycle riders with valuable safety and educational information, they also provide riders with the chance to interact with other riders and levels of experience.

Thousands of motorcycle riders have received motorcycle safety training through these courses. Learn more or sign up for classes.