Highway Safety Campaign Library

One method the Office of Highway Safety uses to reduce fatalities and injuries is through public service campaigns promoting seat belts, designated drivers, motorcycle safety and other initiatives.

Find and download current campaign materials below. For questions, contact us.


15 Minutes a Night

Impaired Driving: “15 Minutes A Night”

First premiering during the 2017 Super Bowl, the campaign encourages people to step up and be a designated driver for just 15 minutes a night.


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Lesson Learned

Teen Driver: “Lesson Learned SD”

Targeting South Dakota teens, the “Lesson Learned” campaign encourages students to watch real stories of South Dakota teens for a chance to win $10,000. The campaign coincides with April, which is National Distracted Driving Awareness month.

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Make It Click
Jim Reaper

Seat Belt: “Make It Click”

This advertising campaign reminds drivers and passengers to buckle up using bold outdoor and non-traditional messaging.


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Jim Reaper:  "Beat Death - Don't Cheat It"

This highway safety campaign is meant to highlight the fact that death is always at our side when operating a motor vehicle.  It is our responsibilty to "Beat Death - Don't Cheat It" by driving safely in all conditions and circumstances.